* The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor

   by L.E. McCullough

•  Publisher:  Music Sales, $17.95

The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor first appeared in 1976 as the world’s most thorough self-teaching method for learning traditional Irish music. Since then over a million people worldwide have learned the joys of tinwhistling, Hibernian-style. Includes an instructional CD with L.E. McCullough playing all exercises, tunes and variations in the tutor.

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Critic's Reviews

"McCullough is a first-rate whistle player and his love of his instrument and Irish music shines through in every line. He is never pedantic or presumptuous; he informs, never lectures. And his presentation of how to go about playing the whistle makes this simply the best tutor I've seen to date."

— Michael Stoner, Lehigh Valley Folksong Society Newsletter


"Excellent food for thought for the tinwhistle student and graphically represented in a way that is concise and unambiguous. I particularly recommend The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor."

— Sandy Davis, music instructor, Music Emporium, Cambridge, Mass.


"The best book on folk music I've seen all year."

— Andy Spence, proprietor, Front Hall Folk Music Center


"Crammed with information about every conceivable aspect of whistle playing."  — Singout!


"A really thorough job, and I mean thorough. Congratulations!"

— Bill Ochs, education director, Irish Arts Center, New York City

"To call L.E. McCullough a tin whistle player is like saying   Shakespeare could scribble a bit."  — Folk Roots

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